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Une histoire de famille
Une histoire de famille
Une histoire de famille
Une histoire de famille
Une histoire de famille
Une histoire de famille
Une histoire de famille
Une histoire de famille
Une histoire de famille
Une histoire de famille
Une histoire de famille
Une histoire de famille

A family story

Born in 1959 in Brittany from an artist father, Vietnamese, and a Breton mother, gallery owner in Paris, it is only natural that 40 years later the artist VanLuc starts with his family a new life, an artistic adventure - after a career in communication.
With his wife, the artist Decaroline, they decide to settle in Normandy at Arromanches, Landing Beaches, stronghold of his in-laws for 3 generations.

In this village of memory, they will breathe a creative impulse through their 3 exhibition spaces and the various artistic events and
of street-art that they will organize there, moving the greatest talents of the moment here.

For 20 years VanLuc has focused on mastering his work and confronting a growing audience. Now it's his turn to travel and open up to art galleries around the world, now relying on the benevolence and professionalism of their children to organize this openness to the international world, and on the innocence and love of their grandchildren, engines of creativity today and why not at the heart of an artistic performance tomorrow?

The cow has always been at the center of his work.

Why ?


Cow by®

Usual languages ​​are constantly evolving, French, like English, is no exception to the rule. There is a very French peculiarity that everyone uses here in France, in the streets, villages, schools, then in companies, even certain speeches are not exempt from it. This expression has its source in the depths of our popular roots. This exclamation may be close to the divine.

Oh damn ! As it looks like oh my god!

The cow is a symbol of strength, a reassuring energy, an impressive power, a lucky charm too. From that exclamation “Oh cow !” There is a funny, clever derivative to bring up a subject, without taking sides but simply to think about it.


The artist VanLuc has made this his artistic approach. "Cow of ® Creation"!


The letter a

The artistic life of VanLuc is also a surprise around the cow. He built his universe around this animal before discovering the true meaning of the letter A.

Why is the first letter of our alphabet a cow's head on the sand?

5000 years ago, in southern Egypt, the phonogram "A" was represented by a cow's head.

VanLuc uses this construction of language so that his paintings are not just paintings but rather conceived as an idea of ​​communication between peoples, because the cow is the representation of the vowel A and is at the origin of the language.

His “Cow of ® ” has a visual and intellectual impact - this is very important to VanLuc and he always has these symbols in mind when he creates.

Years later, he will also discover that his signature is a Japanese kanji which means “cow”…!

Visite de l'atelier-galerie VanLuc en musique

Visite de l'atelier-galerie VanLuc en musique

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Vache de Decor.jpg
Vache de Credo.jpg

® concept cow

A creative energy leads me daily to draw, trace, paint unknown shapes. Each straight line, each angle, each circle is the result of a systematic correction of the original line. I imagined a shape made up of simple but multiple lines.

By crossing them, by lengthening them, I created a personal graphic visual, that of the cow which has become a constant working concept. I am sure that any finished form is the result of thousands of points assembled, directed, constructed to fit perfectly into space and present a surface, a volume, adapted to the right perspective and inscribed in time to last.

What will remain of the creation, if not a creation duplicated ad infinitum with a few variations?

I imposed this style on the public. My works are now present all over the world, as the result of a long artistic journey.

Does it still look like a cow?

Here I am again confronted with myself around a question "what to do with this cow?" ". It will end up blending in with the whole canvas. The rigidity of the usual lines remains a decisive graphic choice to assert the coherence of the visual. But I tried to introduce the curve to breathe new life into my artistic expression.

This new line would coincide with the voluptuousness of the forms and would see the birth of a complicity of lines, a new dimension in my work. If this painting is one with me, I wonder if the public will agree.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

“The future interests me because that's where I plan to spend my next years. » Woody Allen

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Two possibilities are open to me. On the one hand, I remain faithful to my image, I no longer take any risks and, on the other, I am embarking on a new pictorial adventure. Why not with you?

IMG_1483 3.JPG

Akoun quotation 1100 € 15P (50x65cm)

If you are interested in acquiring a VanLuc canvas,

we invite you to contact us:

+ 33 (0) 6 28 69 78 20 or

And visit

Thank you and nice discovery!

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