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Opt for an original splashback that can be adapted to your needs, kitchen, extractor hood, bathroom. The price is the same whether your request is for a square, rectangular or multi-piece visual.

The artist Decaroline provides existing visuals from the complete collection "Les Collages Decaroline" or even a unique, fully customizable creation.

After validation of your order and the budget allocated to your project, the artist will contact you to choose and adapt the existing visual to the measure of the desired splashback or to create with you the tailor-made and unique splashback.

A high definition visual in the format (s) will be sent to you by we transfer in the week following your order.

You can then provide the acquired file to our specialist or to your craftsman, to your kitchen designer who will take into account all the technical constraints.

Decaroline and its team will advise you, support you as best as possible throughout the process of creating the visual and then producing the splashback.

An idea to start 2021 in style!

Credence kitchen and bathroom, hood bottom

PriceFrom €300.00

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